About Sävelsirkut

Sävelsirkut (the Tunebirds in English) is a girls choir from Pori, Finland . In the end of the spring term 2014 Sävelsirkut had 15 talented girls in their ranks.

The choir was founded by Porin Naislaulajat ( Pori 's Female Singers) with the lead of Anna-Liisa Valkonen in 1976. Since then the choir has had 18 leaders; currently the leader of Sävelsirkut is Marianne Koto.

Choir has separate practices weekly at a local school in the centre of Pori . The music sung varies from modern pop culture music to old classics – the choir has also performed some songs composed by the choir's own members. During the autumn term we practise more religious music for our Christmas concert and during the spring term the choir can take up “lighter” songs.

Sävelsirkut has four tone scales; sopranos and altos are both divided into two smaller groups.

The choir's first own concert was given in 1978. Currently the choir has a tradition to give a concert in the end of both autumn and spring  terms. We also take part in several other happenings and projects such as musicals and festivals. This includes several trips abroad during the years. The last trip was to Norbusang festival in Norway in 2008. We also visited Nishinomiya Boys and Girls Choir in Japan in spring 2012.

The choir has also recorded some tapes and CDs of its own. Also a DVD was made of the choir's 30th jubilee year concert in 2006.

Even if it's important to cherish old traditions the choir is not afraid to try out new things. Having a cheerful and fresh athmosphere the choir has a youthful image. Most importantly, the choir brings together young people who want to have fun within the scope of music.

Minna Liettyä-Tyni